Inter School Competition Primary

Inter School competitions are held for various activities like Elocution, Recitation, Quiz, Spell Bee, Dance, Drawing, etc. Winners & Runners Up Silver Trophies for Elocution were donated by Ex-President Mr. Mantha Rajeswara Rao in memory of his beloved father Late Sri M. Raja Rao.

Andhra Association School organised 7th Inter School Competition on 3rd August 2013. 9 schools participated including our school. Various competitions like Elocution, Drawing, Recitation & Group Dance were conducted and our school stood first in the Group Dance Competition,2nd in the Recitation Competition and 3rd in Drawing Competition.

Pariticpating Schools
Lighting of the Lamp
Tropies on display
Sachin Yadav- 2nd in Recitation
Sayandeep Karan – 3rd in Drawing

Inter School Debate Competition Secondary

T. Prakasam Pantulu Memorial Inter School Annual Debate is orgamized almost every year. The Mantha Raja Rao Memorial Rolling Silver Trophy was donated by Ex-President Mr. Mantha Rajeswara Rao. The Runners up trophy was donated by late Sri J.R.K. Murthy and Bansidhar Agarwal Charitable Trust.

Andhra Association School organized the tenth Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam Memorial Inter School Debate Competition on 9th August 2014.

– In the opinion of the house ‘ The most effective learning takes place outside the school’.

Several schools of Kolkata took part in the competition. The judges also questioned the participants based on their arguments which made it more interesting.

Gokhale Memorial Girls High School was the winner of the competition followed by Andhra Association School as the runners up.

The Guest in Chief for the debate was Sri. P. Ramesh Kumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Dept of Civil Defence, Govt. of West Bengal and the Guest of Honour was Prof. Dr. Sukalyan Chattopahdyay ,Sr. Scientist, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

The House, after the debate however was of the opinion that the most effective learning takes place in the school.

Drawing Competition Primary

Children receiving prizes in drawing competition conducted by Reliance on 04/07/2015.