Rules Regulations

General Rules:

Students must be regular and punctual to school. Late-comers will normally to be sent back home.
Students should come in clean and neat uniform, polished shoes and proper socks (tight elastic)
A student who is in dirty and untidy uniform is liable to be sent back home.
Attendance on the first and last day of the academic session and before / after any long vacation is compulsory.
Students who have been absent from class must have the reason entered in the record of absence in the calendar duly signed by the parent / guardian.
Students who are sick / suffering from infectious disease are not allowed to attend the school.
Boys should not grow long hair and should not wear bracelet, kada.
Girls should not wear any ornaments. Long hair must be tied in two plaits with black ribbons.
Students should not bring any unwanted things inside school premises like knife, blade, any magazine, stainless steel rulers, photographs, mobiles, phones, pager, digital diary, scientific calculator, fireworks, colour ( abir ) etc. They shall be liable to punishment if violated.


Special emphasis is given to inculcate discipline amongst the students.
Students must keep the class rooms and school premises clean.
Students must not damage / destroy the property of the school. In such cases a heavy fine may also be imposed.
Strict disciplinary action may be taken against any student who fights with other students and causes injury to them.

Parents/Guardians Note:

Primary Section:
Parents / Guardians are to note that
Children must be collected soon after the school is over. Beyond the scheduled time a fine will be collected.
They are not allowed to enter the class-rooms to pick up their wards.
Identity Card must be shown at the gate to take back their wards.
For the safety of the child they should not leave the ID card with the Vehicle Owner. They should inform the school immediately, if & when it is lost.

For all the Sections:

They must be present along with their wards positively on the day of the Report ( Result )

Students afflicted by infectious disease or exposed to such diseases must complete the quarantine period of 15 days before rejoining the school. A medical fitness certificate by the attending physician must be handed over to the class teacher at the time of rejoining the classes.

Prevention of Misconduct:
A student is liable to be suspended temporarily or even expelled from the school without assigning any reasons if he/she.
a. Disobeys or disrespects any teacher or other superiors;
b. Disregards the school rules and regulations;
c. Tries to damage/destruct school property or utilities;
d. Tries to adopt unfair means at the time of examinations, tampers with the Progress reports, or tries to forge signatures;
e. Display violent conduct, emotional instability, or obnoxious behaviour;
f. Consumes or keeps in possession drugs, narcotics or any other undesirable substances in the school premises or tries to enter the school in an inebriated state;
g. Carries or keeps in possession any inappropriate object or article even in the form of clippings in cell phones or similar electronic gadgets;
h. Attempts to undermine the school administration in any manner and tries to subvert the practices and policies of the school;
i. Is facing prosecution under Indian penal code for his/her acts/behaviours whether inside the school or outside it; if in the opinion of the school authorities such conduct is deemed to be deleterious to the safety or security of the fellow students or to the reputation of the school;
j. Indisciplined students who do not show any improvement and whose presence in the
    school becomes injurious or detrimental to the general discipline of the school will be
summarily dismissed from the school by the school authorities by any time.
k. Is involved in any antisocial activity inside or outside the school.


One month’s notice is to be given for withdrawing a student from the school (or a month’s school fee has to be paid lieu of notice). Full year’s fee is to be paid for withdrawing students in the middle of the session.